This might just be the best gentleman accessory on  the planet...
The Club Vintage Complete Wet Shave Kit
  •  Everything you could ever want to make shaving an experience
  •  Refined, durable, and built to last a lifetime
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Club Vintage?
Tired of cutting yourself so much that you look like you got attacked by a mongoose while you were shaving?
Yeah. Us too. That’s why we made this deluxe shave set; it's everything a guy could ever want.

It's refined, yet classy. Simple, but effective.

We studied the science of shaving and put together this kit to have everything you need for a shaving experience you'll actually look forward to.

When you're ready to quit on the expensive disposable razors that simply don't work, treat yourself with one of our wet shave kits.

If you don't have facial hair, they make a great gift for someone who does... psst: Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or birthdays.

Please put down the kiddie stuff and make shaving an experience...

Your face will thank you.

//The Club Vintage Team
A stainless gunmetal gray safety razor
Classy? Check. Effective? Check. This razor will have your face smoother than James Bond drinking whiskey.

It's simple, but it gets the job done. It's basically Seal Team 6 for your cheeks. 
A genuine weighted badger hair brush
Get those pesky little hairs into shape with this 100% authentic badger hair brush. It's totally old-school, but it works like gangbusters.
Not only will it spread a nice, even layer of shave soap on your face, but it will make the hairs ready to shave as close as possible.
A stainless shave bowl & stand
Where else are you going to put your brush and razor? We know you keep your bathroom nice and neat, right?
The gunmetal gray stand will hold your razor, brush, and lightweight (yet super sturdy) stainless shave bowl. That's where you'll lather up your shave soap as sudsy as putting laundry detergent in a dishwasher. 
Pre-shave oil to make shaving as slick as you
This stuff makes gliding the razor over your face as frictionless as a gold medal slalom after a fresh coat of snow.
It's made with ingredients like grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, and meadowfoam oil. Our pre-shave oil will have your face saying, "What razor?"
Two (yes, two) shaving soaps
Hope you like smelling like a million bucks... We include two different shave soap scents: lavender and aloe.

Not only do they smell great, they work great. You won't need shaving cream when you work these soaps into a lather with the badger brush. 

They contain all kinds of ingredients to sooth your face and make it actually enjoyable to shave (shocker, we know).
Aftershave oil to calm the storm
Shaving like your great-grandpa has a lot of perks. One big one is that it can seriously decrease the skin irritation after slaying those hairs.
For any residual irritation, use our aftershave oil. It's made from olive leaves, aloe, and witch hazel (read: this stuff means business).
Five wicked sharp razor blades
One of the parts of shaving old-school is the money you'll be able to save... and razor blades are no exception. We include five Dorco platinum-coated double-edged razor blades.

They're long lasting, super sharp, and just what you'll need to shave for pennies on the dollar for a long time to come. 
A premium dopp kit to hold all your junk
This bag will last you for years with its premium stitching, waxed canvas, and genuine leather that's only going to look better with age.
It has the capacity to hold everything in this kit plus whatever else you'll be traveling with, making it the end-all, be-all solution to carry all your junk.
Free 2-day shipping
We understand how hard it is to wait for your Club Vintage shave kit to arrive after you order, which is why we have the next best thing besides teleporting it to you.

Every order comes with free 2-day shipping, so patience isn't required.

Backed 100% by the Club Vintage Assurance

Our team is committed to providing the absolute best shave kits in the industry. We don't see why you would be unhappy with your shave kit, but Pluto isn't a planet anymore, so anything can happen.

That's why we have a pain-free, easy, and quick 30-Day Return Policy. If for whatever reason you're unhappy with your shave kit, reach out to our team and we'll make it right with you. 

Order Now for Bonuses

If you order right now, we'll include two extra shave soaps (aloe and rose scents, yum) and five extra razor blades.

Yeah, we're generous, but you deserve to shave for pennies on the dollar for a long time to come.
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